D’Angelo Did a Verzuz, and All Was Well With My Soul…

We all got our neo-soul lives this weekend...

Happy Monday and the first day of March!!

Saturday brought out a legend that we have not seen in a long time, the one and only Michael D’Angelo Archer, or simply known to us as D’Angelo. As soon as I heard that this Verzuz was a thing, I nearly lost my mind. D’Angelo is a Richmond, VA legend, and it was good to see that he still wants to entertain us with his musical brilliance. My excitement was so high that I thought the show started at 8 pm, when the Instagram post clearly said 9 pm (don’t judge me, y’all). Allow me to reminisce on a soulful evening…

Image from Verzuz Twitter account

The show started with a close to one hour set by Grammy award nominated DJ Scratch. When I tell you he showed tf AWF?!! He played all the classics from the 70s, 80s, 90s, to the present. He gave a master class on deejaying, even telling us when to pay attention to a particular blend or transition he would do. I was dancing. I was yelling. I was probably getting on my neighbors nerves, but I had myself a good time listening to him. As I told my sister, it reminded me of listing to the radio on Saturday nights when we were kids.

Then D’Angelo strolls in like the neo-soul king that he is. Wide-brimmed hat, comfortable yet stylish boots, and a black fur coat that could keep all of Harlem warm (folks were not letting up on Mr. Archer and that coat).

D’Angelo in a black fur coat performing at the Apollo Theater. Image found via Twitter
One of many tweets about D’Angelo’s coat

But aside from the wardrobe, the music was the real star of the show. Because the show was titled “D’Angelo V. Friends”, you couldn’t help but wonder which one of these friends would show up. While there wasn’t a slew of them (Damn you, COVID!!), what we got was indeed a treat! Especially since the first two were Redman and Method Man. They performed one of the many hits off the iconic album Voodoo, “Left and Right”.

Now I must mention, while this is all about the music, Method Man was looking extra fine that night. Shout out to his wife for choosing well. We salute you, queen!!

Anywho, the other surprise guest was the super-talented soul singer, H.E.R. She performed her hit song “Best Part” that beautifully transitioned to one of the best love songs ever “Nothing Even Matters”. I will honestly admit that we would have loved to see Ms. Lauryn Hill grace the stage, but seeing that duet was just as beautiful.

I won’t run down every song that was played (just know that he ended the night with “Untitiled (How Does It Feel), because he should have), but I will finish this off with two of my favorite songs off of the Black Messiah album:

Watching this amazing show reminded me how much I miss going out to live shows and clubs to dance the night away. Hoping that once we are able to safely go outside again, we can all dance and sing to our hearts content!

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