Music Monday: Queen & Slim The Soundtrack

Happy Monday and Happy December!!

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure to go see Queen & Slim, the new film by famed director Melina Matsoukas and actress/producer extrodinare Lena Waithe. The movie was amazing all around: from the imagery, the acting, the fashion, the message, and the Blackness. While I am no film critic, I will take the time mention another key element to the film: the music.


Released on November 15th, “Queen & Slim: The Soundtrack” provides the music to tell the poignant story of two young people whose first date takes a wrong turn and leads them on the flight of their lives. The soundtrack revisits a the classic “Soul Sista” by Bilal, and introduces newer artists such as Tiana Major9 and Choker. It even features a track by the the icon herself, Ms. Lauryn Hill.


Tiana Major9 and EARTHGANG- “Collide”


Choker- “Frame”


Ms. Lauryn Hill- “Guarding The Gates”


If you haven’t already, check out Queen & Slim in theaters now!

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