Countdown to The Grammys: Janelle Monae

If you don’t consider Janelle Monae an icon yet, then you need to just come on over with the rest of us who believe this woman is legendary!

The already 6-time Grammy nominee is up for two more nominations this year:

  • Album of the Year- Dirty Computer
  • Best Music Video- “PYNK”

Janelle Monae’s latest project, Dirty Computer, gave a voice to women and those in the LGBTQ community, as she herself revealed that she is pansexual in a Rolling Stone interview last year. The album, which was accompanied by a 45 minute long film, is all about a woman embracing her sexuality, being comfortable with who she is, and not letting anyone change who she is. The most notable visual from the film is the video for “PYNK”, which features the now famous “vagina pants”. See what I mean? AN ICON! The film also sparked rumors that she was dating actress Tessa Thompson (while not any of our business, I still want them to be a thing. They would be perfect!).


I would love to Janelle Monae take home a trophy. Her art stands for something, and she should be rewarded for it.

The 61st Annual Grammy Awards hosted by Alicia Keys airs Sunday February 10 at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT on CBS.

Cover photo: Billboard


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