Todd Snyder x Champion… x Peanuts?

The gang’s all here!

Designer Todd Snyder brought in some old friends of ours to add to his collaboration with athletic brand, Champion: the Peanuts Crew!

As a lover of Charlie Brown and his quirky friends, this collection definitely brings a smile to my face. Filled with menswear items, this collection consists of hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and watches. If you or someone special in your life is a Peanuts fan as well, this would be a perfect gift whether they have a specific character they love or enjoy them all. The price range for the items are between $78- $178.

Take a look at some of my favorites below:

Champion x Peanuts Peanuts Gang T-shirt, $78
Champion x Peanuts Gang All Over Hoodie, $178
Timex x Peanuts Charlie Brown Watch, $158
Champion x Peanuts Snoopy Coach Sweatshirt, $158
Champion x Peanuts Woodstock Hoodie, $178
Champion x Peanuts Charlie and Linus Long Sleeve Shirt, $98


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