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Milk Makeup Collaborates with Wu Tang Clan

Yeah, you read that right!

Beauty brand Milk collaborated with the legendary hip hop group Wu Tang Clan to create a 8-shade lipstick collection. Using sacred Chinese ingrediants, the product is a vegan lip color made with antioxidant-rich sacred lotus water, cherry blossom, ginseng, hemp extracts, bamboo shoots, and Chinese red dates.


Named after the eight earthly elements of the I Ching Trigram, the names of the shades stay on brand with Wu Tang such as Chi, Flow, and Cypher. To stay even more on brand, the gold detailing on the barrel of the lip stick tube features a custom sculpted dragon. The promo video even includes singer and actress Teyana Taylor.

Released on November 1st, the prices range from $18 to $440. Take a look what’s available below and find out more at

Lip Color (Individual): $55
smartselect_20181103-103331_samsung internet7661081210489444786..jpg
Lip Color Collection: $440
smartselect_20181103-103234_samsung internet6015982305248932565..jpg
Pin Set: $18
smartselect_20181103-103119_samsung internet7353769126717241228..jpg
24k Mirror: $75
smartselect_20181103-103148_samsung internet2523505024316487955..jpg
24k Mirror (reversed): $75

Source: Milk Makeup@milkmakeup on Instagram

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