H.E.R. Gives Us Acoustic Soul on “I Used to Know Her: Part 2”

Last Thursday, I saw on Instagram that H.E.R. was releasing new music. First thing that Friday morning, I was blasting it on my phone… and playing it all weekend long.

H.E.R. blessed us with a follow up to I Used to Know Her: The Prelude with a part two of the EP, aptly titled I Used to Know Her: Part 2. With The Prelude, she gave us that pure hip hop and r&b sound. This time around, it takes a more acoustic turn on most of the songs, and it works perfectly. The first track, “Carried Away” goes right into it with the acoustics, showcasing her depth and range as a musician.

Throughout the EP, it will have the listener go through a range of emotions; from love and joy, to pain and sadness, which is something that I believe draws so many people to her music. It’s like she is reading from the pages of our diary or articulating feelings that we can’t always put into words.

One of the songs that was really unexpected for me was “Lord Is Coming”. Listening to this song really shows how she is becoming the Lauryn Hill of our time by using music and spoken word to explain what is going on in the world today. This track is all about the mess that is plaguing the world (especially in the United States) today, and plays on how Christians say that “Jesus is coming” when everything and everyone has gone completely mad. The final lines of the opening poem of the song sums it up perfectly:

It’s a World War III, corruption versus greed
Not you versus me
But do we ever think, of the need for inner peace?
They can’t put a price on your soul, don’t matter your religion, right and wrong is something everybody knows
They pick and choose what’s equal
Who’s good and who’s evil
And this is the devil’s world but the Lord is coming for his people

I am so ready to hear what her debut album will sound like (yes, she still hasn’t released her actual album yet). If it sounds like any of the work she has put out, I need to get my edges secured safely now.

Tell me what is a favorite song from Part 2 or any of her previous work in the comments.

Source: Genius

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