Music Monday: Songs for Cuffing Season

Crisp Fall evenings. Warm and comfy clothes. Pizza and an alcoholic beverage of choice. You and your boo snuggled up and binge watching The Wire. That’s right, folks. It’s cuffing season!

Since it’s still October, there are those who are currently in the process of choosing that lucky person to keep them warm during the fall and winter seasons. Some have already locked in their pick. Depending on the situation, this season can go various ways for different people:

  1. The two of you are really digging each other and you may want to see where this goes once the temperature gets warmer.
  2. Your summer love turns into something serious by Christmas (Hello, nice gifts!).
  3. The two of you have a mutual understanding that this is for fun only, and the current arrangement will end between April 1st and Memorial Day weekend.

However this season may go for you, there’s always music to help get you through it. I’ve compiled a list of ten r&b tracks that I would add to my personal “Cuffing Season Playlist”:

BJ the Chicago Kid ft. Big K.R.I.T.: “The Resume”

Jill Scott: “Come See Me”

The Internet: “Stay the Night”

Avant: “Read Your Mind”

Janet Jackson: “Anytime, Anyplace”

Xscape: “Softest Place on Earth”

Usher: “That’s What It’s Made For”

Kut Klose: “I Like”

Silk: “Lose Control”

Outkast: “Prototype” (You gotta have some fun with it!)

What songs would you put on your cuffing season playlist?

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