Music Monday: Ella Mai Releases Her Debut Album

Happy Monday!

The long awaited self titled album from British R&B singer Ella Mai finally dropped on Friday, and it’s pretty decent. I will say, for someone my age, there’s only a few songs that I vibe with other than the popular tracks that have already been released such as “Boo’d Up” and “Trip” . If I were in my twenties, I would have the entire album on repeat. But right now, just a few songs.

The songs that I vibe with the most are her ballads (see where that age thing comes in). One of them features John Legend titled “Everything” which is all about how that special someone in your life loves every part of you and how you can do and have everything:

The next song that I like is “Close”, which that smooth and sexy ballad about having that much needed connection with your boo, if you know what I mean:

The last one is “Gut Feeling” with one of my favorite singers out H.E.R. This track is about when your lover has been acting mad strange lately and you just know that something ain’t right:

Have you listened to the album yet? Tell me what your favorite tracks are!

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