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Music Monday: Justine Skye feat. Arin Ray

Happy Monday!

So, have you ever reached a point in your dating/relationship life where you have officially become frustrated with what’s out here and just wanted to build your perfect mate? The beautiful Justine Skye channeled all of our frustrations on her latest single “Build” featuring r&b singer Arin Ray.


Skye speaks from the point of view of a woman who just got out of a relationship with a guy who was a complete waste of time, and lists the qualities of a man that she could “build”:

If I could build a nigga
Like, really build a nigga
He’d probably look a little bit better than you
And be a couple inches bigger
If I could build a man
Like, really build a man
He’d be smart enough to read my mind
When I’m hard to understand

But she understands that building a perfect guy isn’t exactly possible, so she’s just gonna do her thing until then…

But since I can’t build a man
I’ma work on who I am
Spending all my time on me
Instead of living in make believe

However, what girl can move on from a no-good man without him trying to hold on to what he had? Arin Ray comes in with what one could call a typical f*ckboy response:

Oh, they say that you are what you eat
Know it’s takin’ me long but just teach me
Tryna learn like a dog on a leash,yeah
I don’t practice at all what I preach
It’s a thin line between love and hate
But don’t you waste your time looking for a new replacement
I know they lurking on the side, waiting just to date you
I ain’t gon’ let no nigga slide, I’ma pick the pace up

Ugh, I can’t even!!! Does she fall for it? Listen to the song here:

Sources: Genius, YouTube



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