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Music and Man Candy Monday: Masego

To the ladies that’s reading this, you may wonder how come this guy get’s both the music pick and MCM pick? Let me tell you– if a guy can create music that makes Black women of all ages and skin tones feel good about themselves without degrading them, then he is a winner. That’s what Masego has done with his debut album, Lady Lady.


I became a fan of Masego’s last summer when I heard his song “I DO EVERYTHING” on his 2016 project Loose Thoughts. With this song I learned that he can play every instrument known to man and that he has a funny personality.  I learned how smooth he was later with his jazz-infused song “Tadow” featuring FKJ.

On his latest project, Lady Lady, this feels like a love letter to women. From the driven and independent women on “I Had a Vision”, to the sophisti-ratchet woman on the title track “Lady Lady”, and the grown women who can teach young girls a thing or two on “Old Age” featuring SiR (another one of my favorites). He even gives us a look into the minds of two people who are intrigued with each other after a steamy night with “24 Hr. Relationship”.

This album is definitely one that I am going to have on repeat for a while. To hear a young multi-talented male artist creating beautiful music that everyone can enjoy is rare nowadays. IMO, Masego has a long and bright future ahead of him.

Take a listen to “I Had a Vision” below:

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