Music Monday: VanJess “Silk Canvas”

If there is any kind of music I love, it’s R&B music that I can vibe to all day long. And Van Jess has that sound.

This past Friday, Nigerian-American sisters Ivana and Jessica Nwokike released their debut album, Silk Canvas. Filled with sexy, soulful tunes and perfect music to have during a Friday night kickback, they bring back a sound that seems to be missing from R&B. Something from the 90’s if I were to perfectly describe it.

Album cover for Silk Canvas

I fell in love with these ladies when I first heard their song, “Addicted”, a few months ago. It’s safe to say I was hella excited when I saw that song on the album track list! They also have amazing collaborations from some of my other favorites like GoldLink and Leikeli 47. Aside from the collabs, the ladies definitely hold their own on this project.

Not only is the music on the album everything, but the visuals are equally as great (and these ladies are beautiful!!!). If you haven’t heard of VanJess, take some time to listen to their album. You won’t be disappointed.

Here’s their video to “Control Me”:

Source: Okay Player 

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