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Music Monday: New Drake, A Year of 4:44, and a Weekend Find

Happy Monday y’all!

If you have been hiding under a rock (given the latest news cycle, I wouldn’t blame you), our favorite Canadian Drake release his latest studio album, Scorpion. This 25-track double or “two sided” album consists of the usual Drake mix of hip hop and r&b, showcasing his rapping and singing skills. It even touches on a hot topic due to the recent rap beef between him and Pusha-T; his son. On “March 14” he addresses his relationship with his child’s mother and how he wants to build a relationship with his son. He mentions the child in two other tracks as well. Scorpion also made history by having 170 million streams in the first 24 hours on Apple Music. Though I personally don’t view this album as a winner from front to back, there are enough tracks on here to consider it a “good album”. Two of my favorite tracks are “8 Out of 10” (because I think that this is the response to Pusha-T and the ending is HILARIOUS!!!), and “Mob Ties” because the beat is sick and has even doper lyrics that are for sure Instagram caption worthy.




On Saturday, Jay-Z’s 13th and most revealing studio album 4:44 turned a year old. If you are a true Hov fan, you know that he has always told some part of his story. This album was extra special because it not only talked about the growth and issues of the black community, but his personal growth as a husband and father. From this album included amazing visuals to accompany the music and exclusive footage, such as perspectives from well known entertainers on what it’s like to be a man and the personal growth that they had to endure from past trauma and their own mistakes. Where Lemonade was a source of healing for women, 4:44 was a source of healing for many men, or at least those that were willing to admit it.


Friday, I discovered new music from an artist named Patrick Paige II. While I am thinking that I am enjoying an amazing album by a new artist, I was surprised to know that he isn’t a new artist at all. He is a member of the R&B group, The Internet. His debut solo project, Letters of Irrelevance that was released back in May, has the perfect music to have a kickback with friends on a Friday night or cruising through the city with your windows rolled down on a Saturday night. The whole project is absolutely amazing, but my reccomended tracks are “On My Mind/Charge It to the Game” featuring band mate SYD and Kari Faux, and “The Party Song (Do My Dance)” featuring ForteBowie. Definitely worth taking a listen to a adding a few tracks to your playlists!


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