Soulful Sunday: Memorial Day Cookout Jams

Happy Memorial Day weekend, y’all!!

Since it’s Sunday I’m sure that you all have been to a few cookouts by now, and may be going to more today. Cookout are complete without the ribs, the potato salad, an the right music. Especially a Black cookout. There’s nothing like sitting at the table eating that amazing food, then a certain song comes on to get everyone to their feet. Even if someone is doing the Electric Slide while eating corn on the cob.

Here are just a few of the classic songs that can get my family dancing at anytime, cookout or no cookout. What are some of your favorites? Feel free to add to the list!

MAZE ft. Frankie Beverly – “Before I Let Go” (Sidenote: If you are at a Black cookout and this song is not played at all, fire the DJ!) 

The Gap Band- “Outstanding”

Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff- “Summertime”

Al Green- “Let’s Stay Together” (For your Aunties and Uncles going down memory lane)

Zhane’- “Hey Mr. DJ”

Arrested Development- “People Everyday”

Cameo- “Candy” (Let’s get the Electric Slide started, y’all!)

Cover photo from Black Southern Belle

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