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Beychella 2018: A Fashion Photo Diary

Every generation has female performers that define the current times and what their generation is about. Tina Turner. Diana Ross. Donna Summer. Janet Jackson. All of whom can shut the stage down and deliver new fashion trends in the process. The millennial generation has Beyonce’. I can truly say that I have watched her grow from the sweet 16 year-old from Destiny’s Child to the powerhouse 36 year-old solo artist she is today. On Saturday night, she became the first Black woman to headline famed Coachella Music Festival in California. To use the words of Mrs. Carter, “Ain’t that ’bout a bitch?!”? But that’s a different post…

Wearing outfits completely created and styled by Oliver Rousteing, creative director of Balmain, Beyonce’ gave the world a 2 hour long, 26 song set filled with surprises (hey Kelly, Michelle, Solange, and Jay-Z!) and a huge sense of HBCU pride and Black power. Y’all, this woman had 100 people on that stage, and Olivier dressed each and every one of them! Once she opened up the performance marching as a Nubian Drum Major Queen, you knew you were in for not only a musical treat, but a fashionable one as well. I mean, what does a girl gotta do to get that headdress?!

I won’t continue to bore you with words. Just revel in some of the fashionable looks that assisted Beyonce’ with her best performance to date.









Photo source: Balmain Twitter account @Balmain

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