Music Monday: Xavier Omär – Pink Lightning

Happy Monday, folks. A few more days until we get together with family, eat way too much food, watch football, and have folks asking unnecessary questions about your love life (LOL!)!

But anyway, R&B singer Xavier Omär released his latest EP, Pink Lightning, and it is everything! I first fell in love with his music earlier this year when I heard his track “Blind Man”, singing about the beauty and the essence of a woman he is in love with. The words were so beautiful, it felt like he was singing to me (I know he wasn’t, but a girl can dream, right?). His latest project keeps in line with the smooth sounds and the honest lyrics he is known for. 

One of my favorite tracks off of Pink Lightning is “The Title”. In a world where relationships have become situationships and love is more complicated than ever, this song speaks to anyone’s fustration about a lover that doesn’t want to fully commit. In the song, the chorus simply states, “If you can’t put a name on it, I don’t want it at all”. It also asks for that person to let them go if they are completely in the relationship.

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