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Friday Favorites 10/26/2017

Happy Friday, y’all!

It’s Halloween weekend and everyone is getting ready to partake in a turn up! So because of that, I will keep this post short and sweet, and let you know of my three favorite things this week.

Sabrina Claudio- About Time

I fell in love with Sabrina Claudio when I first heard her song, Confidently Lost. That song speaks to my spirit and basically the conversations that I have with friends about being a woman wrapped up in a 3-4 minute song. Ms. Claudio recently released her new project, titled About Time, and I love every song on this album. Her voice has this angelic sound and her songs have this sexiness and honesty about it that one can’t help but love. Real talk, I feel like a new woman after I listen to her music. Take a listen to one of my favorite tracks below.

Daniel Caesar- Freudian

Daniel Caesar is another one of those R&B singers who makes beautifully sexy music and gets overlooked way to much for my comfort. His song, Get You featuring Kali Uchis, is a song that, to me, lets you tell someone how you feel if you can’t come up with the words to say it yourself. His latest project, Freudian, is an album that just messes with your emotions. When it comes to R&B music, if it doesn’t have your emotions all over the place, then it’s not real R&B (well, that’s just my opinion). Just listen to one of the tracks that I want played at my wedding.

Joe Biden: InStyle Magazine November 2017

Just like an Obama family sighting, whenever there’s an Uncle Joe sighting, everyone gets excited. He is featured in the latest issue of InStyle Magazine looking as cool as ever. Photographed by Mario Sorrenti, Biden shows his fun side, his loving side, his chill side, and his “I’m dope as hell” side. I’m here for all of it! Stunt on ’em, Uncle Joe!

Joe Biden images from


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