Music Monday: H.E.R. “2” & dvsn “Think About Me”

Happy Monday, y’all!

Two of my favorite artists released new music over the weekend, which added to my weekend cruisin’ around the city playlist. I love all kinds of music, but R&B/Soul is my favorite. H.E.R. and dvsn add a new sound to this genre that I absolutely love.

H.E.R.  released her second album, Vol 2, in April and I became an even bigger fan of hers since she released Vol. 1. Then last week I hear that she’s releasing a B-Sides version of Vol. 2, literally called Vol. 2 – The B Sides (which will be out on Oct. 20). THEN, she releases one of the tracks from the album called “2”, which goes so hard!! Not only is the beat dope, but the lyrics speak nothing but truth. It’s about how when a couple breaks up because ol’ boy was cheating and thinks she was so distraught about it. But little does he know, she was getting some on the side her own self. Scandalous, right? Take a listen below…

Next up, are Toronto natives dvsn (or Division, if you spell it out). This songwriting/producing duo makes music that is just so beautiful, it will completely mess with your emotions. Their debut album, SEPT 5TH, which was released in 2016, had such smooth and sexy sounds. Their second album that was released this past Friday, called Morning After, doesn’t disappoint either. To sum it up, if you are not familiar with this group, their music talks about making love, the complications of love, and the beauty of love. Take a listen to one of their songs, “Think About Me”, below…

I hope you enjoyed these songs and add them to you playlist! Have a great week, everyone!

Images: Spotify

Videos: YouTube


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