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Hair Envy: Fabulous Fros

I have been a part of the natural hair club for six years. I have rocked a chic TWA (Teeny Weenie Afro) and a pretty decent sized afro. I’ve even big chopped FOUR times. Hey, when my hair gets on my nerves, I just cut it.

Now, I’m at that in-between stage where I can’t do but so much to it as of yet. Just moisturize it, pick it out, and go about my day. But I am gonna try to grow it out as much as my patience allows me to. So I’ve gone to one of the greatest things ever created to get some inspiration and motivation, Pinterest! And, boy, have I been inspired!!! I have seen so many big and beautiful afros that made me regret cutting my hair so much! It’s gonna take some true TLC to get my hair at 1970’s Pam Grier status, but I think I can do it. Y’all pray for me, now!! Lol!! Take a look at some ‘fro inspiration below:

All images from Pinterest.


  1. I love the earrings…. My question for you is what do you use as a moisturizer? I have a twa and it is dry as heck.



    1. Hey Darlene!!! I use Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttermilk. It’s a bit pricey for my budget, but it works wonders for my 4c hair. Keeps my hair moisturized all day long.

      The earrings are by an artist in Richmond, VA named Todd Parsons. He makes such beautiful pieces. His website is if you want to take a look!

      Thank you so much for reading! ❤


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