Style Crush: Celebrity Stylist J. Bolin

So, I follow quite a few stylists on Instagram and get inspired by all of them, but there’s one whose work I just live for. Dallas-based stylist J. Bolin has styled some of the greats in music, film and televison: Morris Chestnut, Erica Campbell, and has even re-introduced us to the beauty that is Michelle Williams. He is skilled at dressing anyone of any figure; from the tall and modelesque to the curvaceous divas. He just knows fashion! Not only does he inspire me with his fashion expertise, but he also inspires me with his love for Christ. He is truly a man of God that drops some right on time scriptures and inspirational IG posts from time to time (NOTE: If you follow anyone in your desired field on social media, make sure they inspire you to not only be great at your profession, but to be great as a person in general). Though he is not new to the game, I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for him! Take a peek below of some of my favorite looks “Styled by J. Bolin”!

Michelle Williams


Sarah Jakes Roberts


Erica Campbell


Pat Smith


Model Andre Cartlidge


All images from J. Bolin’s Instagram page (@stylistjbolin)

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