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Man Candy Monday: Kofi Siriboe

Everyone needs some chocolate in their lives. Especially dark chocolate. It’s healthy for you! Well today, I provide to you your daily serving of some healthy dark chocolate, Kofi Siriboe. Ralph Angel (because who calls him by his real name) has us ladies swooning every Wednesday night on Queen Sugar. I mean, his love for Blue and Darla and that New Orleans accent which he has mastered? How you could not fall in love with him?! And not to mention that our “boyfriend in our minds” can dress his behind off when not on screen. I love a man that can clean up nice and has the swagger to match it as well. I can’t wait to see him in Girls Trip! But anyway, enough of my babble. Just bask in this beautiful melanin-dipped man’s glory…20170716_22495220170716_22491220170716_22512020170716_22520220170716_225029

Source: Instagram (@styledbyjayl)
Source: Instagram (@styledbyjayl)

All photos from Instagram.

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