Music Monday: Songs I Have on Rotation

Those who know me know that I LOVE R&B MUSIC!! The stories that the songs tell. The melodies. The feeling that I get while I’m listening to the song. I can come up with a slew of songs that I would put on “the soundtrack of my life”, but this post would last forever!

Listening to Spotify and Pandora has helped me discover so many young R&B artists that need to be played on the radio. Their sound is so smooth and melodic, and each song from each artist seems to be different than the other. Oftentimes I would come across such a beautiful song, add it to one of my many playlists, and be upset that the song came out three years ago and I’m just hearing about this artist today. I’m trying not to completely give up on listening to the radio, but they are starting to make it way too easy.

Below are five songs that I have had on repeat this past week. One of the artists, Mack Wilds, does have his music played on the radio quite often (doesn’t hurt that he’s a well known actor also). Other artists such as Daniel Caesar and my absolute favorite at the moment, H.E.R, get no airplay at all, well at least where I live. Take a listen to some of my new favorite songs. Maybe you’ll want to add them to your playlist…

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