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Style Crush: Celebrating the Icons

With Black History Month coming to a close (Black History is all year long for me, so I’m not sad at all), I figured it would be right for me to highlight some of the icons that made it possible for some of the young starlets of today. We praise Beyonce’ for her glamorous style and Rihanna for her edginess, but how often do we honor those who made it possible for them to be who they are and so freely? How often do we show our appreciation to those who had to break down more racial barriers so it can be easier for black female entertainers to be appreciated by the mainstream of now? So today, I will show my love to the black women who are the epitome of class, talent, sophistication, and overall badassness (I know that’s not a word, but just vibe with me)!

Dorothy Dandridge: Fancy and Free. Best known for her starring role in Carmen Jones (1954).
Eartha Kitt: The only Catwoman I acknowledge. Also known for her role as Lady Eloise in Boomerang (1992). “Maaarrrcusss, darling!”
Lena Horne: Timeless beauty. Known for her roles in Stormy Weather (1943) and The Wiz (1978)
Diana Ross: The Supreme Diva, no further caption needed.
Diahann Carroll: The original Bad & Bougee. Known for her roles in Julia (1968-1971), Dynasty (1984-1987), and as Whitley Gilbert’s mother on  A Different World (1989-1993)
Donna Summer: The disco queen. Known for her many hit songs such as “Bad Girls” (1979)
Debbie Allen: The Dancing Machine. Taught me how to “Relax, Relate, Release!”. Known for her role in “Fame” (1982-1987)
Phylicia Rashad: Everyone’s mother in spirit. Always keeps it classy to this day. Best known as Clair Huxtable on The Cosby Show (1984-1992)

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