Music Monday, Golden Globes Edition: Migos- Bad and Boujee

So for those who know know me, they know that I am a girly girl who loves R&B music and hip hop music (from the 80’s up to at least 2006). I’m not known for vibing to a lot of trap music, but everyone needs to let their ratchet side out from time to time. Donald Glover, a.k.a Childish Gambino, gave props where props was due; shouting out the people of Atlanta, GA and the rap group Migos after winning a Golden Globe for his hit FX show, Atlanta. Hands down, one of the blackest moments of the night! So because of that glorious moment and the acknowledgement of hip hop at the Golden Globes, it’s only right that I make my Music Monday pick, “Bad and Boujee”. If you didn’t know the words to this song before (like myself), don’t be ashamed if you play this enough times to where you know all the words by the end of the week (which will probably be me, as well). Enjoy!


  1. A music enthusiast myself, I’m so here for ‘Music Mondays’! I’ll keep an eye on your blog for new recommendations and maybe share some of my own?

    I’m very much a girly girl that lives for sultry ballads and the Mowtown era however you may be surprised to know that I’m in love with Trap too!
    I’m currently in a season of ‘calm’ so am trying to resist the urge to ‘twerk on a handstand’ 😂

    Love your blog so far x

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    1. Thank you so much!! I’m glad that you love what you’ve seen so far!

      There is nothing wrong with loving trap music. You wouldn’t think I love trap music just by looking at me either, but when it comes on, I turn into a different person! 😂


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