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Black Excellence at the Golden Globes

Photo courtesy of Instagram

Just looking at this photo makes me extremely proud. As African Americans, we are put in the usual stereotypical box. We’re loud, we’re ghetto, we’re uneducated, we won’t make it past 25 years old, we can only be rappers and athletes, we’re destined for prison and life as a baby mama, etc. But these beautiful people broke the mold, and that was on display last night at the 74th Annual Golden Globes. I’m sure most of us sat there like “It’s awesome so many black people were nominated, but they probably won’t win anything..”. Oh, but did they!

Seven out of the fifteen pictured won for the work on their television shows and films. Just to name a few, Tracee Ellis Ross won for her role as Rainbow Johnson in black-ish, being the first black woman to win best actress in a TV Comedy or Musical since Debbie Allen in 1983. Donald Glover won for his performance as Earn Marks in Atlanta (and the show itself won a Golden Globe as well). That shout out to ATL-iens and the Migos was everything! And just when I thought it would be completely snubbed, Moonlight (starring Mahershala Ali, Naomie Harris, and directed by Barry Jenkins) took home the big award for Best Picture.

Last night gave me hope that quite possibly, things are changing even more in Hollywood in terms of diversity. I know there’s a long way to go, but as long as we keep breaking through barriers and knocking down the doors that some may want to stay closed, who knows what next year’s Golden Globes may bring. Or even the Academy Awards.

We are here! We are talented! We are magic!

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